• The "Problem"
  • Knowledge Transfer
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  • Business Coaching
The "Problem"

FollowMeToChina see ourselves as a Partner, not a Vendor to our stakeholders, hence it is important for us to ensure that you understand the "problem we are trying to solve" when deciding to leverage on us to venture into China.

The opportunities in (and with) China needs no further introduction, what is perplexing for many is the lack of understanding or worst, blatant overestimating and/or underestimating the complexity involved in establishing themselves properly in China.


FollowMeToChina enables international companies seeking to establish and/or grow their operations in China by Bridging The China Divide through our Knowledge Transfer, Business Coaching and Advisory (Business Helpdesk) services.

 Phase 1Phase 2Phase 3 Phase 4 Phase 5 
 Develops an Interest in China
Gains basic Understanding Awareness of China's Business Culture  Decides if they wish to Establish themselves in China
Seeks business & legal Advisory (commercial  setup, operational etc.) Seeks local Partner(s) (industry & geographic specific) 
Knowledge Transfer
Business Helpdesk
Business Coaching