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About FollowMeToChina

FollowMeToChina has a simple business objective;

  • To help international companies seeking to establish and/or grow their operations in China by 

    • Bridging The China Divide through our
    • Knowledge Transfer, Business Coaching and Advisory services


Our unique proposition? 

  • We are not just "fluent in both English and Mandarin"
  • We don't articulate "China from a Westerner's perspective" (often surface-level, skewed, bias etc.)
  • Nor do we articulate "China from a Chinese perspective" (often 'sugar-coated', “covered-up” etc.)
  • We are able to truly communicate China from a "East meets West" manner that is both objective and in context

As a Singapore-based company, we take pride in upholding the principles of honesty, accountability, professionalism and stewardshipFollowMeToChina provide services at a level of openness and integrity expected by international companies.

About Dr. Adam CHEE
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